About Artlab Gallery


The Art.Lab Gallery since being founded in 2004 by Lapo Simeoni, it has exhibited the some of the most important emerging Artist.

It is committed to exhibiting contemporary art of the highest quality, bringing the work of artists with both emerging and established, presenting the work of artists in an international context. Art.Lab Contemporary Art looks globally for art that represents the most interesting contemporary art being made today. The gallery artists work in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and video.


The curatorial programs 1-4 exhibitions per year of new and existing work, by Italian and international artists, in solo and group presentations.

In keeping with its position as a temporary art space, Art.Lab Gallery sets rigorous standards for evaluating ideas for the creative programme.

The curatorial staff of the Gallery undertake ongoing research into contemporary practice, and invite for exhibition artists whose work suits the ambitions and aspirations of artists who participate in the dialogue about what defines contemporary art.

Art.Lab organized also temporary exhibitions, in collaborations whit istitutions, social onlus, private company and Gallery.

Art.Lab Contemporary Art opened in Grosseto, (IT), in April 2004. The gallery in Grosseto closed in June 2007.

Opened then in the 2008 Art.Lab Contemporary Residence for Artist, in Murci (IT), 90 mq, close to Scansano (Gr) and "Terme di Saturnia" (Tuscany).

And open in March 2012 in Via Porto Loretano 6, Grosseto, Italy.


Art.Lab office in now in Berlin, (Germany).